Sequential Emotion Database

Sequential Emotion Database provides videos of people as they changed their emotions, in order to capture the transitions between the different facial muscle states was created. We used four basic emotions as defined by Paul Ekman, including the neutral state at the beginning of each video. We didn't record the emotions for fear and disgust as they are harder to properly mimic.

This database is strictly comprised of natural posed faces where the subjects had no prior knowledge of how to perform certain expressions, nor were they allowed to practice in front of a mirror. Each of the emotions were recorded for 3 seconds, after which the subjects were notified to move on to the next expression. As each sequence of emotions comprised of 5 emotional states, the resulting videos were all around 15.5 sec long. For the sake of redundancy, 5-7 shots of both sequences were recorded for each person and only the best 5 were kept.

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