iCV MEFED Database

To obtain the database, please contact us or write to shb[at]icv.tuit.ut.ee.

We have developed a new huge facial expression database called iCV Multi-Emotion Facial Expression Dataset (iCV-MEFED), designed for multi-emotion recognition. The database includes 31250 facial expressions with different emotions of 125 subjects whose gender distribution is almost uniform. Each subject acts 50 different emotions and for each of these emotions 5 samples have been taken by Canon 60D camera under uniform lightening condition with relatively uniform background and resolution of 5184x3456 per sample.

All emotion expressions in iCV MEFED database are presented in complimentary-dominant format. We used 7 basic emotional states :  1 - Anger, 2 - Contempt, 3 - Disgust, 4 - Fear, 5 - Happiness, 6 - Sad, 7 - Surprise, N - Neutral. Each image in database is labeled in following format : A_B, where A and B correspond to complimentary and dominant emotion respectively (e.g label 1_7 would mean angrily surprised).

The images are taken and labelled under supervision of psychologists and the subjects have been trained about the acting emotions that they posed.

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