This is the official webpage for a two track competition associated with the FG 2017 workshop on face analyisis. This is a joint challenge on Dominant and Complementary Emotion Recognition Using Micro Emotion Features and Head-Pose Estimation. This challenge consists of two separate parts: one being emotion recognition and the other one being head-pose estimation based on detph data.

Research advances in human-computer interaction have resulted in tremendous advances in different problems and applications. As a result, several problems on visual analysis can be considered as solved (e.g., face recognition, basic emotion recognition), at least in certain scenarios and under specific circumstances.  Despite these important advances, there are still many open problems that are receiving much attention from the community because of the potential applications.  We plan to organize a contest around two important problems which are recognition of detailed emotions, that require, in addition to performing an effective visual analysis, to deal with recognition of micro emotions and estimation of head-pose of the person who is interacting with a computer in order to ease the process of facial alignment which can be used in many important applications such as face recognition and 3D face modelling. The rest of this section describes in detail the two tracks in which the proposed contest is divided.

NB! A joint paper by the organizers and participants will be submitted to a high impact journal!

NBB! There will be also travel grants to the top ranked participants of the competitions (based on availability).

-The copyright form for the workshop and challenge is available in the downloads tab!!!

-The challenge has ended. Winner for emotion track is CASIA-AuthenMetric with miclassification of  80.212137  and for head pose track is UPF_CMTECH  with error score of 19.015275.

-The workshop paper deadline has been extended until 14th March 23.59.

-The test stage has begun!!

-The challenge is now open in codalab!!



-The call for papers is now open. More details in the Workshop tab.


-The codalab challenge will open on the 9th of January, 2017